Universal Exim is a Indian Human hair export company, Established in the year 2003. Mr.Ravi Arumugam who is
the founder and the Proprietor of Universal Exim. After having good experience from the Hair industry, with the
help of good quality control inspectors and highly experienced Hair experts, we supply quality Remy
Human hair, World wide.

Our company, Export very good quality Indian remy
human hair and we also export, Handicrafts Made by
Silver, Brass and Copper. We can also make the
sculptures on your own design in the above said Metals.
We have good experts, who are well experienced in
doing Nagas Design work in the top of the metal, after
finish the shape.

We are supplying also fancy Jewelries, Beeds, Japa
Malas, Pendants, Fancy Bangels etc.

Presently, we launch a product name called Peace
Rocket. This Peace Rocket, for children's above the age
of 6 . This particular toy, the adults can also play and
will enjoy. This Peace Rocket, can fly 70 meters and
more, depend upon the wind . You can play this toy in the open big park, nice open areas and also in the Beech.
This Peace Rocket, is designed for to play in the day time and also in the night time. The Peace Rocket has,
Floresan wings and Blue light. The blue light can use
only in the night time, when it is dark. You can see a small holder along with the elastic band. This small holder, will help to launch this Peace Rocket. The Peace Rocket,
has 3 batteries. When you need of changing the batteries,
by removing small screw, from the battery box, you can replace the battery easily by yourself. You can find one
side of our toy, its written Peace Rocket and on the other side, written World Peace.

When you play the Peace Rocket in the day time, you no
to switch on the Blue Led light. You can switch on the
light when its dark. When you launch the peace Rocket,
you can find the blue led light flying in the sky, like a blue star. While the Peace Rocket coming down from the sky, it will turn the other side, and so, the blue led light will then focus to the floresan wings. When you look at it, its wonderful and you will never stop to play then.

We mentioned World Peace on one side of the toy and on the other side, mentioned Peace Rocket, Because, when the People play such toy, during that time, they can read, one time, and spell, the word, World Peace, and launch a Rocket for Peace.

Mr.Ravi Arumugam, the proprietor of Universal Exim, designed the toy and named it.

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The Team of Universal Exim, thanking you for visiting this site.

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